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    Survey Results Released

    Thank you for the great response to our survey, this helps us make good decisions for our future and helps us understand where we can do better. 

    In the weeks ahead, we'll be doing a better job introducing the board members to everyone.  We have also added a complaint submission area on the website to help us address issues that arise.


    Thank you again to everyone who completed a survey.  ~Matt

    Work Hours for High School Games

    Hello Hockey Families. Are you looking for some work hours. Well we have some work hours available for you. BRYouth Hockey is responsible for working the following jobs for the High School games. BRYH receive the revenue from concessions and admissions. These jobs also count for work hours (don't forget to turn it in). You can fill into as many slots you want right now. The team listed is responsible for any gaps in coverage. Please sign up for as many as you want and enjoy watching some good high school action. Thank You ~ BRYH Association